We are more than 35 years ahead of the curve
From July 2024 EU Law, ( and you will already be seeing that UK manufacturers are already following this requirement. ) 
Member States shall ensure that single-use plastic products listed in Part C of the Annex that have caps and lids made of plastic may be placed on the market only if the caps and lids remain attached to the containers during the products’ intended use stage. 
Product design requirements 
• Tethered caps and lids for all beverage containers and bottles up to 3 litres, 5 years after the entry into force of the directive (to be applied 5 years after the entry into force of the Directive). 
UK manufacturers are following this directive in order to harmonise their production lines. ( and make their products easier to recycle ) 
Since 1987, Agriyork400 Ltd have been supplying their plastic vials with attached lids. 
When your sample vial contains important material use a snap seal design from Agriyork400. 
One piece construction = easier to recycle 
No lid on the bench = less chance of environmental contamination. 
Buy from Agriyork400 and help save the planet. 


All our vials have attached lids. 
The vials are aseptic by manuafacture, and come with a variety of seals. 
Different styles for different applications. 
Please contact us to discuss which vial is best suited to your application. 
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