Agriyork400 are pleased to announce that their partners  
AccuBioLab have introduced a new oral fluid drug test. 
Don't get into your car if you have taken drugs. 
Watch the video at the foot of the page. 
Test yourself before you drive. 
Your spatial awareness can be affected. 

A new rapid oral fluid drug test. 

For many people driving is a part of their workday. 
Unfortunately, in the UK there has been a marked increase in illicit drug use. 
Cocaine and Cannabis are the two most common drugs, but of course, alcohol is frequently a factor too. 
Agriyork400 Ltd now introduce a simple oral fluid swab which can inform the donor that they are non negative for many of the commonly abused drugs and alcohol. 
Cannabis smoking leads to impairment. The active component Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is detected at low concentrations with the ACCU:TELL oral fluid point of collection test device. 
With a cut off concentration of 15 ng/ml THC in oral fluid, this is the ideal test to detect recent cannabis use. 
THC-COOH Levels in oral fluid will not be detected. This results in false negatives. If you are unsure, please contact us. 
Ask your current drug test supplier to show the cut off for THC, not the urine metabolite. 
Don't use a urine metabolite as an indicator of potential impairment! 
Multi Panel drug combinations available. 
Alcohol included, which is important as the impairment effect of many drugs is exacerbated by alcohol intake. Measure the drug & alcohol in a single test, in 10 minutes. 
Drivers Beware 
Benzoylecognine is the main metabolite of Cocaine. 
Cocaine is rapidly hydrolysed by the liver and plasma. 
There will be a time delay between roadside oral fluid swabbing, and a blood draw at the police station or A&E clinic. 
During this time, the Cocaine blood concentration will be falling and BZE concentration increasing. 
This rate of metabolising is highly specific to the individual's liver function and plasma cholinesterase. 
Without testing, an individual will not know how much Cocaine and/or BZE is in their oral fluid or blood plasma. 
UK police forces use roadside test swabs to measure THC and Cocaine. 
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